About The Boston Brunchers

We are bloggers. We are brunchers. We are a community.

The Boston Brunchers is a very special project. It started with a handful of food bloggers meeting each other in real life at a “Bloggers’ Dinner.” It happened as easily as that. Of course the conversations circled around food, and soon we had all professed our un-dying love for all things brunch, and all of the places we had been to, and were excited to get to. It was that easy…

Our first brunch took place  in September of 2010. 13 food bloggers attended! At that moment we knew we were on to something! The brunchers continued as or network of Boston Food Bloggers continued to grow.

Today, we are over 250 strong, inclusive of food bloggers, food writers, reporters, tweeters, producers, bakers and PR professionals. Our common thread, we love food, and we love supporting Boston businesses. And with that, or little project continues to grow…

The Boston Brunchers do not just brunch. We eat dinner, immerse ourselves in cookbooks, we try Zumba classes, tour historic Boston businesses.

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