Boston Brunchers at East Coast Grill – Confessions of a Chocoholic

What do you get when you have 24 Boston food bloggers get together for brunch? An awesome prix fixe menu courtesy of East Coast Grill, and a lot of “so nice to finally meet you!” and “it’s great to put a face to a blog” and “I’m a lurker on your blog. I stalk your posts religiously.” Okay, so maybe the last sentence mostly came from me, but nevertheless everyone seemed to enjoy the second Boston Brunchers event.

East Coast Grill served several family-style appetizers, and we had three choices for the entree. I’ve been to ECG multiple times for dinner, but it was my first time there for brunch. I was glad to find out that their brunch options still feature the same bold flavors.  The restaurant was also as packed as it usually is for dinner (there was a line even before it opened at 11 am) and there was a lot of good energy around.

To read my full post click here.

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