Brunching @ Your Restaurant

The goal of the brunchers is two-fold. First and foremost, we are foodies who would love to try each and every brunch in the greater Boston area! Secondly, we want to help promote all the great brunches Boston has to offer! The buzz that our group of food trend setters creates around a brunch is contagious!

But brunch is not all we do…no matter what our name says! We are local business enthusiasts, even if they don’t serve brunch! We have visited fitness facilities, taken classes, toured businesses and learned about their processes and history, and even eaten meals other than brunch (gasp!).

There are several different ways to incorporate the Boston Brunchers into your brunch PR plan. Please contact Renee with your proposal, or for suggestions on how the Brunchers can work for you!

It should be noted that all bloggers will write their honest interpretation of any and all brunches. In order to maintain our integrity, we will also disclose any special treatment that was received in exchange for our experience at your establishment.