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Biltmore Bar and Grill – Forays of a Finance Foodie

Since I don’t have a car (and haven’t driven in five years), it’s super hard and inconvenient for me to leave Boston proper. Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade life in the city for the ‘burbs anytime soon, but I always feel so left out when I hear others *sideways glance at all the food bloggers* talk about the awesome places they dine at that aren’t accessible by the T! Therefore, when the Boston Brunchers announced that the club’s April brunch was being held at Biltmore Bar and Grill in Newton, well hello – an opportunity and an excuse to experience the dining scene outside the city!

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Boston Brunch with Food Bloggers – Monday Baker

I’ve started following a photographer who blogs about food and people who love food (check out his website   Recently he had a contest to invite one lucky local food blogger to brunch at the Biltmore in Newton, MA, and that person turned out to be me!  I was so very excited (jump-out-of-my-chair-when-I-got-the-news-excited) to meet the faces behind some great online content I’ve been enjoying the past few months, and as always for continued inspiration.  So I did the un-New Englander thing and drove up to Boston (more than 20 miles is often considered a pack-some-sort-of-bag-or-lunch trip) for brunch…

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Boston Brunchers Take on 5 Courses at Biltmore Bar and Grille: Cooking Whims

Dear Biltmore Bar and Grille,

Why have I not heard about you before?

Clearly I need to get out more and explore my own town, Newton, because when Renee announced this month’s Boston Brunchers venue would be at Biltmore Bar and Grille in Newton–I was shocked I hadn’t heard of it before.

But I’m so happy I know it exists now because brunch was without a doubt astounding. Biltmore  was incredibly generous to host us and provide us with a five course brunch. Yes, folks–five courses! Everyone showed up with their mouths watering ready to dig into the fabulous tasting menu they prepared for us.

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Wow. Just Wow. Brunch @ Biltmore – Eat.Live.Blog

I have been wowed. A brunch has finally left me speachless…and really, really full. I was a little bit nervous when I first set this event up. Would brunchers want to drive out to Newton? Would they want to brunch at a place with Bar & Grill at the end of its name? Would a tasting menu fill people up?

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Brunching at Biltmore – Runner’s Cookie

I felt very lucky to be able to join a lovely group of people, the Boston Brunchers, on Sunday for an event at Biltmore Bar & Grille in Newton, Mass.  If you are a blogger in the Boston area, you should definitely check out the Boston Brunchers blog and follow them on twitter so that you can hear about and attend an awesome event like this too!

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Brunch at Biltmore Bar & Grille – Lighter and Local

Brunch, in my book, should begin with a good brunch cocktail. The Biltmore Bar and Grille in Newton did not disappoint with samplings of beautiful mimosas and bloody marys. The Biltmore is the kind of spot you want in your neighborhood. It’s homey, down to the mismatched coffee cups and the kind of bar you’d like to belly up to a few times a week. Don’t let the comfort level fool you, however, the food is serious.

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Brunch at the Biltmore – F2%

The Biltmore Bar & Grill has been located in Newton’s Upper Falls historic district since the early 1920s, and when the ten of us arrived for brunch, we were greeted with open arms and a couple of mini-cocktails. Sunday brunch says Mimosa and Bloody Mary, and The Biltmore delivered an amped up versions of both to our table.

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I want BiltMORE! – RecipeCan

This morning, I had another amazing brunch with the Boston Brunchers. This time we got a real treat – a free, 5 course tasting menu at the Biltmore Bar and Grille in Newton. Thank you so much to the restaurant for hosting us! I’m going to be corny and make an acrostic to recap the event.

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Your April Boston Brunchers at Biltmore Bar & Grill are….

Thank you so much for all of the great entries into the April Boston Brunchers contest! I cannot wait to brunch with everyone at Biltmore Bar & Grill!

I will list the winners below, in no specific order. If you are a winner of this contest, please tweet “Yay! I’m brunching with @bostonbrunchers @biltmorebargril in April!”. Once you do this, I will mark you as confirmed and send you the next steps in giving away your partner brunch. Congrats to all!

A special thank you to the “independent council” who steered clear of the comments for the last 2 weeks, and then read the anonymousized (is that a word?) copy of your comments in order to judge.

And without further ado, your April Boston Brunchers:

  1. Justin Ide: “What a great way to bring new folks into the community! Starting a blog is no easy task and I think a lot of people out there start and then become discouraged because they don’t have any contact with others who have gone before them. If given the chance to connect to some people, to see that it will pay off in the end, then they will venture out and continue on with their blog, and ultimately we all have a story to tell.”
  2. Kimmy Bingham– “It wasn’t so long ago that I was a new food blogger in this area. I remember having a lot of questions about how to get in on all the action and fun other local food bloggers were having. Once you start asking questions, it’s amazing how quickly everyone starts to answer. There’s no competition, just community. Everyone supports each other and gives each other support and new ideas . A brunch like this would give a new blogger a chance to match faces with names and really feel like they’ve become a part of this awesome community. I remember how excited I was for my first blogging event, and how I felt feeling so welcomed and like I had made a bunch of great new friends. I’d love to introduce someone to that!”
  3. Katy– “This event is great because it will help bring out the foodies who may be a bit hesitant to attend an event. It is easy to blog from behind a computer screen but when it comes time to get out there and meet people, it can be a bit intimidating. By specifically inviting new folks, and giving them a “sponsor”, it can help them get over that first hurdle of getting out there. It will make them feel welcome in the food community. I certainly wished someone had gone with me to my first food event! It will be great for the group to get some new members so we can continue to have a diverse group at brunches I can’t wait to see some new faces!”
  4. Megan– “What a fabulous idea! I think it’s SO important to introduce new food bloggers to the food blogging community for several reasons! First, there are so many food bloggers in the area that we don’t know about, and who knows what sort of new twists on recipes they’ve invented, or hidden restaurants they’re reviewed, or unknown tricks up their sleeves, or just a plain old bubbly personality? Each blogger is incredibly unique and important! Second, I was new to the Boston food blogging community a few months ago. Meeting new bloggers and making new friends has really boosted my self-esteem–both in the blogging world and in my social life! New bloggers will really appreciate such a generous introduction to the food blogging scene. Third, New friends for us! I love meeting new people and making new friends. And I’ve learned so much already from cooking and hanging out with other bloggers. Can’t wait to meet more! Good luck, everyone!”
  5. Mollie Mae- “Hello! Wow – I just found this site and I am so impressed and excited. I had no idea there was a community like this in Boston and I’m eager to figure out how to wiggle myself right into it! I’ve been writing for the Weekly Dig for the Taste Buds column for about 6 months and I’m just now realizing that I can proudly call myself a food writer. I would love a chance to join this community as a “beginner food writer” for perspective, inspiration, advice, and some fun time spent doing what I love to do – eating and talking about food! I think it’s important to keep expanding the community at foodie events to inspire passion and action in regards to the food that we grow, buy, and eat. When you attend a foodie event, it’s hard not to leave with a sense of responsibility and eagerness to pay more attention to the food we put in our bodies, as well as the kind of food culture we want to support in our community. This menu sounds amazing and I’d love to meet the rest of the Boston Brunchers. Thanks a lot for your consideration. Either way, I’ll be keeping an eye on you guys! Keep it up!”

Of course I will be joining in the fun as well! I look forward to seeing how you all give away your partner brunch!

April Boston Brunchers Announcement and Contest!

I am REALLY excited to announce this brunch. First and foremost, because this will be the Boston Brunchers’ first foray outside of Boston Proper. Secondly, I have heard seriously wonderful things about the food here. And lastly, because with the help of my friend Christine, we have devised a contest I am SUPER excited about, giving food bloggers old and new a chance to join in the fun!

Let’s get the most important thing out of the way first! This April’s brunch will take place at…..

The Biltmore Bar & Grill on April 3rd, 2011 at 11am.  Opened in 1921 at the start of Prohibition, it’s rumored the Biltmore started out as a speakeasy. This old-school classic has been a neighborhood institution in the heart of Newton’s historic Upper Falls ever since. Classic pressed tin ceilings, polished mahogany paneling and cozy banquettes, offer a comfortable setting to relax with friends or family over cocktails and a meal. Inventive menu selections feature a unique mix of traditional pub cuisine with surprising hints of Southern comfort that highlight fresh and local ingredients. Who would say that doesn’t sound fabulous!!

Now, if your thinking, I live in Boston, how the heck am I going to get to Newton Falls? Well stop thinking (well, don’t stop thinking…you know what I mean!) Do not let transportation get in your way. I will take care of making sure that everyone who wins is able to get there. So don’t let that bug ya!

Now you are thinking (remember I told you to stop that!) Well, what kindof brunch is this? I am happy to say that I have worked with the restaurant to invite 12 Bloggers to experience a 5-course Chef’s Choice Tasting Brunch! How awesome is that! Here is what the attendees will enjoy:

  • Chive Biscuit and Poached Egg  with a jalapeno and cheddar cheese sauce
  • Lobster frittatas  topped with pea tendrils
  • Granola and berry parfait
  • Chicken & waffles served with a warm belgian waffle, hot sauce and apple butter syrup
  • Pigs in a blanket: A soulfood classic from the American south, local maple sausage links wrapped in homemade buttermilk pancakes & Vermont maple syrup

Sounds pretty amazing, no? Well here is the skinny on how you can join us:

  • Boston Brunchers will be awarding 5 Food Bloggers seats at the tasting brunch…this is where it gets good…
  • Each winner will then be able to select another Food Blogger to be their guest…BUT THERE IS A CATCH….
  • The Food Blogger the winners select must be BRAND NEW to the Boston Brunchers! That’s right, they must never have attended a Boston Brunchers event.
  • How do you find these foodies? Well, if you win, you may do whatever you like to find your guest. Give away the spot as a contest on your blog (must link to this post:, on Twitter (must mention @bostonbrunchers and @biltmorebargril), or on Facebook (must tag Boston Brunchers & Biltmore). Or, if you know a new food blogger and are feeling generous, you may just invite them as your guest!
  • You must email me your guest no later than Friday, March 25th.
  • DO NOT TRY AND GIVE AWAY A BRUNCH UNTIL YOU KNOW YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED FOR BRUNCH!!! The winners of the 5 Boston Brunchers seats will be announced on Monday, March 14, 2011. If you won a seat, you may begin your giveaway after that announcement.

How do I win my spot at brunch?

  • Comment on this post on why you think it is important to introduce new bloggers to foodie events.
  • You must enter by Midnight on Sunday, March 13th.
  • Entries will be judged blindly by an outside party. Winners will be selected based on originality of their answer.
  • Winners of the 5 Boston Bruncher seats will be announced on Monday, March 14th.
  • Winners must get in touch with Boston Brunchers within 48 hours of the winning announcement or their spot will be given away.