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Sunday Funday with Boston Brunchers & The Farm School

Around this time last week (or rather, a week from when I started writing this post) I was aimlessly wandering around west Cambridge in search of a home hosting the most recent Boston Brunchers affair. It had been a while since I’d had a chance to eat with the brunchers, and I was particularly excited about this event as it was being hosted by the Farm School and some members of their community. As soon as I arrived at my destination I was greeted by many new faces and a few familiar ones, along with bellini’s made with fresh peach, homemade iced tea with hints of sap and a pile of Iggy’s delicious pastries. To say I was loving the farm school already would probably have been an understatement.

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Meyer Lemon & Buttermilk Ice Cream – Katie at the Kitchen Door

This past Sunday was good for me.  Actually, 70 degree days in March are pretty much always good for me, and probably everyone else as well, but this one felt particularly rejuvenating.  It started off with a Boston Brunchers‘ brunch hosted by The Farm School, which was a. totally delicious, and b. inspiring.  Many of you know that I kind of really want to be a farmer some day, as evidenced by cheesemaking, lemon-tree growing, and random farm visiting.

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Down on the Farm (almost), with the Farm School – Relocation: The Blog

On an almost-Spring Sunday, that seemed more like Summer, I and a few other Boston Brunchers met in the indigo-tiled kitchen of a lovely home in Cambridge. We came to swap stories about food (what else?), blogging (we’re all bloggers), and restaurants, and to hear from our hosts, The Farm School, and learn about their amazing programs.

The Farm School Brunch: City Folks & Orange Yolks – Pearl & Oyster

The Farm School in Athol, MA hosted a brunch this past Sunday for members of The Boston Brunchers.  There is no membership fee, or even special requirement to become a Boston Bruncher although you must appreciate brunch in some way and also be a blogger.

This was my first outing with The Boston Brunchers and I was thrilled that it was with The Farm School because I really appreciate what The Farm School is all about.  I have seen the glow of children and teachers (peeking through their dirt covered bodies) as they return from a trip to Farm School.

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Brunch w/ The Farm School of Athol, MA. (brunch in Cambridge)

Pay attention brunchers, this brunch is scheduled for Sunday, March 18th at 10:30am. This is during the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, so please do not enter unless you are sure you can attend.Farm School Athol, MA

Now that is taken care of…. I am so excited about our partnership for next week’s brunch! The Farm School based in Athol, MA. would like to invite 15 brunchers to a member’s Cambridge home for a fabulous morning of brunch, fresh, local produce and education.

The Farm School is a family farm for the coming generations where people experience first hand what it means to be stewards of the earth.

We provide multi-day residential school-year and summer programs for the over 1,500 young people and their teachers, a year-long program to train adults in practical sustainable agriculture, and an on-site one-room middle school.

Young people work the land and take home the cultural history, vital experience, and personal identity that farms nurture. Teachers work alongside their students and leave with new insights into their craft and children they teach. Adults learn to farm and carry essential knowledge from one community to the next.

Careful mentoring, meaningful work, humor and kindness are at the center of all we do.

Additionally, the Farm School also has an amazing Share Program that helps to fund its programs.

On Sunday, March 18, 2012, 15 brunchers have been invited to a supporter’s home in the Fresh Pond, Cambridge, area to learn about the Farm School’s amazing programs and enjoy a brunch made entirely of their locally grown produce!

Farmers and volunteers of the Farm School will be on hand to answer any questions we may have. This is going to be a unique and wonderful brunch!

When: Sunday, March 18, 2012 @ 10:30am
Specific address will be given upon confirmation of attendance.
Parking is available, and the home is within a short walking distance of
Alewife and the bus (72,74,75, 78)

How to win a seat at brunch:

  • Mandatory Entry: Visit the Farm School’s Website and come back here to write one fact you learned about the organization in the comments section of this post.
  • Bonus Entry: Make a donation to the Farm School (any amount you would like) and leave a comment on this post saying you did so.
  • You must have an active Twitter Account or Blog to win a seat at brunch.
  • If you are selected, you will be expected to Tweet about the event and/or Blog an honest, truthful recap of the event, disclosing that the event was free of charge.
  • If you win a seat and are unable to attend, you forfeit your prize.
  • Although not required, we suggest all winners make a donation to The Farm School.
  • All entries must be received by 10am on Wednesday, March 14th. Winners will be notified on this date.
  • When tweeting about this event, please use the hashtag #FarmBrunch