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Brunching at the Lansdowne – Tales from a Kitchen Misfit

A few weeks ago, I got to check out brunch at the Lansdowne with the Boston Brunchers. I had been to the Lansdowne before for various events, and I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the food. I was excited to try out the brunch, especially since it boasted a FULL.IRISH.BREAKFAST.

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Brunching on Lansdowne – Indulge Inspire Imbibe

As I made my way down the deserted street which borders Fenway Park to the latest Boston Brunchers outing, signs of the previous nights debauchery lingered in the snow. The Lansdowne Pub banner twinkled in solidarity, set against a blue bird sky with the Prudential Building towering in the distance.

I was decidedly more content to settle into the spacious yet cozy Irish Pub at 10:30am on a Sunday morning as opposed 10:30pm on a Saturday night. Time of day aside, drinks were most certainly in order. (Pre-gaming for the Patriots playoff game sounds about right!)

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The Lansdowne: When at Fenway . . . – Tortefeaster

Although this is not my first time around the proverbial block in this city, I’m still trying to get my sea legs as a D.C. native and recent transplant to Boston. So what better way to feel like a Bostonian than to spend a morning down the street from Fenway–the ballpark that needs no introduction–followed by an afternoon cheering on the Pats against the Ravens with my rabid fan of a husband?

I joined my fellow bloggers at The Lansdowne a few Saturdays ago to get my Boston brunch-on. Besides its proximity to the mecca of Bostonian baseball fans, the Lansdowne has two other qualities that recommend it as a brunch destination. First, it showcases a formidable Irish Breakfast. If you are a fan of white & black pudding, beans & bangers for your first meal of the day, then this is the spot for you. Second, Sundays offer you some live Irish music starting at 12pm.

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Brunch in the Heart of Fenway – The Lansdowne Pub – Eat.Live.Blog.

On the famed Lansdowne Street, between nightclubs, sits The Lansdowne Pub. Now, those of you that are familiar with the Lansdowne probably know it as a nightclub as well. But did you know that between The Lansdowne’s late nights of live music, Total Request Live, and football specials, they also bring you an amazing….brunch?!

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Photos from Lansdowne Brunch –

Belen Zuniga was kind enough to join us for our brunch at the Lansdowne Pub, in order to take some pictures of the food and group. Belen is also in the process of designing the new Boston Brunchers logo, so stay tuned for big things from her!

View Belen’s Lansdowne Brunch pictures here.

Brunch at Lansdowne Pub – Don’t Mind the Mess

Sitting down to an Irish Breakfast at a pub right across the street from Fenway made me feel about as Bostonian as I can get.

This was another fabulous outing with the Boston Brunchers, this time our destination was the Lansdowne Pub. This isn’t one of those tiny Irish pubs where everyone is jammed close together. This place has plenty of room and plenty of ambience.

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Win Brunch w/ the Brunchers at Lansdowne Pub

For our second January brunch, we are heading back to our home turf in Beantown, and to the heart of Beantown for that matter….the Fenway area!

The Fenway area holds more fun than just a day at the ballpark. Lansdowne Street, aligning one side of the park, is home to some of the best excitement of this area. From night clubs, to bowling, delicious dishes, Lansdowne Street is the perfect spot for a night out on the town…..but brunch?

That’s right. A delicious brunch awaits us in the center of night life fun. Bringing traditional Irish hospitality, comfort and food to Fenway, The Lansdowne is now, thankfully, also bringing us brunch!

10 lucky brunchers will join us on January 22nd at 10:30am at The Lansdowne to experience Irish hospitality at its best. Brunchers will be treated to their choice of menu item, coffee, juice, and an alcoholic beverage of their choice.

To enter to win brunch, please leave a comment on this post telling me which of the Lansdowne’s delicious Irish Breakfast choices you would most like to try! For a second entry, tweet “Brunch w/ @BostonBrunchers at @TheLansdowne! Let’s do this!“. Make sure to leave me a comment saying you did so in order for it to count.

But wait, there is more! Some of you may know that our very own Amanda (the Kitchen Misfit) is running in the Boston Marathon this April. Well Amanda, and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Association, need our help! We will request that brunchers who win brunch at The Lansdowne make a donation to Amanda’s fundraising page.

The first 3 brunchers to donate $25 or more to Amanda’s fundraising page, and leave a comment here saying they did so, will automatically receive a seat at brunch.

Update: All 3 $25 donation seats have been sold! We will guarentee a seat to anyone else who donates $50 or more. Otherwise, you will have to win one! Congrats to $25 donors Lena, Nicole & Jonisha!

The remaining 7 brunchers will be selected using, and announced on Thursday, January 19, 2012 at 10:00 am.

Disclaimer: Brunch will be provided free of charge to winners. Brunch will only be provided at the specific day and time. If you are unable to attend you will forfeit your prize. Prize has no cash value. Winners are requested to post an honest blog post or review on their experience, and must disclose that brunch was provided free of charge.Winners are requested, but NOT required, to write a review.