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The Mom100 Cookbook – Don’t Mind the Mess

Thanks to the Boston Brunchers I got a chance to have a delightful meal with several other parent bloggers and meet Katie Workman, who’s just released the Mom 100 Cookbook. There is so much to like about this cookbook. I know pictures in cookbooks are a big deal for a lot of us. There’s a picture of EVERY recipe in here. And Katie (we’re on a first name basis now) builds the whole book around specific kinds of meals a Mom needs. There are 20 categories of meals, with 5 recipes each. She also gives recommendations for “fork in the road” meals, where you can separate the blander kid-style meal from the more complex adult-style meal. Because who wants to eat boring kids food?

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Dinner with the Boston Bruchers at Maximos- BostonRookie.com

Last Monday, I had the opportunity to have dinner out with the Boston Brunchers at Maximo’s in Watertown.

Maximo’s is owned by the Zeller’s- a Watertown family- Betsy and Phil. Betsy was our host for the evening, and Phil is the mastermind and chef behind the restaurant.

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You Had Me at “Homemade Pasta”: Lil’ Vinny’s Ristorante – Chocolate & Wine

Last week, I got an e-mail from Boston Bruncher creator, Renee, with an exciting event: Dinner at Lil Vinny’s Ristorante in Somerville, MA.  She opened it up to the first 8 bloggers who registered.  Luckily, I check my e-mail approximately 126 times a day (rough estimate) and jumped on the chance to have a delicious dinner with fellow foodies.

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